The website challenge

One of our esteemed client wanted a website within a week. We knew that it was doable however we requested around 10 working days and signed of the project.

As the website was really critical for our client the deadline was dropped from 10 days to 3 working days.

Our skills were challenged and they wanted us to prove our caliber..(Challenge was Accepted ).

Our developers in trouble? Aren’t they?

Every individual in the team worked approximately 16-17 hours a day and we were able to complete the project in 2 days and 1 day testing. Deadline Met, delivered the project in 3 working days. Our client was extremely happy with the support, service, and quality which we delivered.

Our Client was “Orlanda Audit And Tax Consultancy” a little bit about them :

They wanted the website live in that stipulated time was because of GST and this was there peak time for enquiries.

“Orlanda is a premier Audit & Tax consultation firm offering professional services in vast areas of Accounting, Audit, Taxes, Payroll and outsourcing services to domestic entities”. 

Domain :

Logo :


If you are looking for any accounting and tax consulting services, you can get in touch with Orlanda personnel with our reference…

Get in touch with us if you have any requirements on our service offerings…

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

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